World Heavyweight Wrestling Championship Title Belt

22 Best Belt Designs In Wrestling History

by Ali Raza on May 28, 2024

From a logical standpoint, the sport of professional wrestling revolves around winning a wwe championship belt. It is the goal of any wrestler, whether they compete in WWE, AEW, NJPW, TNA, or any other promotion. A competitor's win/loss record is important primarily because that's how championship opportunities are typically earned. The more wins a wrestler accumulates, the stronger the argument for him or her deserving a shot at a championship.

Given their importance, it makes perfect sense to make a championship belt as desirable as possible. However, not all belt designs have been well-received. Some championship belt designs have been quite poor and left much to be desired. On the other hand, some championship belt designs have been so elegant and captivating that fans still long for them to this day.

22- IWGP United States Championship Was Truly Unique

Years Active: 2017-2023

This one may certainly be a matter of taste, but the IWGP United States Championship is one of the most unique and gorgeous titles in wrestling. It features intricate designs on the center plate and a deep red strap, encapsulating the US better than most American promotions have managed to do with their own US Title, particularly WWE. It stands out because it looks different from all other NJPW belts.

21- The Current TNA Knockouts Title Pays Homage To The First One

Years Active: 2024-Present

This is the first of several TNA title designs to be featured on this list. When it comes to paying homage to a classic title, it must be done right and surpass the original. In the case of the current TNA Knockouts World Title, it achieves this impressively. It adopts the white strap that was a staple of the original incarnation of the championship, but blends it with a sleek design. This version of the title was even brought into WWE as Jordynne Grace entered the women's Royal Rumble match wearing it. It was a great way to further usher in this new era of TNA, while also paying respect to the Knockouts who came before in the company.

20- The NXT UK Tag Team Championships Had An Underrated Design

Years Active: 2018-2022

While the NXT UK Tag Team Championships are among the least important titles of all time in WWE due to the NXT UK brand being frequently overlooked, the design of the straps is one of the most beautiful of all time.

They are intricately designed, featuring rich colors, and most importantly, they look prestigious, classic, and slick, making them feel like coveted prizes for wrestlers.

19- The AEW International Championship Has Developed A Lot Of Prestige

Years Active: 2022-Present

The AEW International Championship is one of the newest title belts introduced to a major promotion, but it is already among the nicest title designs of all time in professional wrestling.

Certainly, Orange Cassidy’s incredible reign has increased its prestige, but it looks absolutely gorgeous regardless. The style and shape of the plates, along with the splash of color in the middle, all come together to create one stunning design.

18- The NXT UK Championship Was A Better Version Of The Main WWE Title

Years Active: 2016-2022

In an era where championship designs are rather simplistic in WWE, the NXT UK Title was introduced with a nod to the classics. It features an intricate golden design with glimmers of red jewels, encapsulating the traditions and integrity of British wrestling, avoiding the pitfalls of other WWE designs.

What has enhanced the belt's prestige is a series of long, memorable championship reigns from the likes of Gunther and Pete Dunne, making it one of the more special belts of its time, despite the shortcomings of the NXT UK brand itself. It is by far one of the better championship designs in modern-day WWE.

17- The New TNA World Title Is An Excellent, Modern Design

Years Active: 2023-Present

TNA has seen numerous world titles introduced over the years. Some of them have been very good, while others have kind of flopped. However, the 2024 version of the title looks great. It helped to usher in the new era of TNA significantly. It looks prestigious, modern, and grand—qualities that the old title had been lacking. The title is currently held by Moose. However, there will certainly be a plethora of talent that will get to hold it as well, especially with all the new talent that has been introduced recently.

16- The TNA World Heavyweight Championship (Third Design) Is The Company's Best To Date

Years Active: 2011-2017, 2020-2021

It took some time for TNA to get it right with their world title. The design before this, which was similar, just with silver text, looked a mess. Changing it up with the black writing helped fit with the overall theme of the belt, and just that simple change in color managed to make an average title look like something prestigious, whether it be with a black or white strap. Moose also utilized his own version of the title from 2020-2021. It was not initially recognized, but later was for a brief period.

It feels grand, and whoever held it was made to feel important. It briefly resurfaced in recent times, to the pleasure of many who prefer it over the current TNA Championship design. However, the current design does represent the best era of TNA for quite a while.

15- The AEW Women's World Title Is The Best Women's Title In Any Company

Years Active: 2022-Present

AEW has had a record of introducing some truly great looking championship designs. And when it comes to the AEW Women's World Title, there is no exception there. The title looks amazing and is easily the best looking women's championship in professional wrestling today. The design was based off the old Mid-South North American Championship, however, this version does that look much, much better. Some top names have held the title and, in time, there will certainly be even more phenomenal competitors who will get to hold it. In fact, Toni Storm has held this version of the title the most, with three reigns to her name.

14- The Million Dollar Championship Was A Personal Title

Years Active: 1989-2021

The unique nature of the Million Dollar Title allows it to forever stand out among wrestling championships. Commissioned as a personal belt for Ted DiBiase, frustrated at not being able to win the world title himself, made for the perfect gimmicked championship. It suited him perfectly, and though it wasn't defended often, with very few champions, it still carved a place within WWE history for itself.

The way the strap bends, the diamond-encrusted plates, the dollar signs, all come together to create a memorable piece of art that lives fondly in the memories of wrestling fans, and with a recent re-emergence in NXT, it reminded audiences once again of how striking it is.

13- The Ruthless Aggression World Tag Team Titles Were Great

Years Active: 2002-2010

These titles carried on the lineage of WWE's original World Tag Team Championships, not to be confused with the newly introduced WWE World Tag Team Titles on RAW. This design was introduced during the early days of the Ruthless Aggression era and was competed for by some of WWE's top teams at the time. The World Tag Team Titles design fit perfectly into that new era of WWE. They were active for around eight years and during that time, they became one of the most iconic designs for any tag team title in WWE. The new belts introduced by WWE pay homage to them in a number of ways, such as the grand designs of the background and the hints of red on it.

12- The AEW World Championship Is The Best Looking Active World Title In North America

Years Active: 2019-Present

No expense was spared when AEW introduced their World Championship. The amount of gold, gems, diamonds, the obnoxiously huge plates, all serve one purpose – making the title look like a million bucks. In modern wrestling, it stands out in a class of its own in terms of size and prestige. Having it be introduced by the one and only Bret Hart added to its prestige.

The belt is always glistening, whether it be from spotlights, cameras, or the entrance stage, and carries an air of grandeur around it. It feels especially significant to hold due to the youth of the company, and the fact that wins and losses matter so much into who gets a chance at holding the belt, with just six names so far - Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley, Kenny Omega, Adam Page, CM Punk, & MJF - being given the honor of holding the belt.

11- The Big Eagle WWE Championship Was Iconic During The Attitude Era

Years Active: 1998-2002

This belt was a signature of the Attitude Era, and likely the favorite among many wrestling fans above any other title simply due to fond memories and a great period in wrestling. It brings the signature eagle from older designs, and the globe in the center represents the company’s expanse across the entire world.

It was big, grand, and anyone who held it looked like an instant star, with a truly special feeling surrounding the championship, with the likes of Steve Austin and The Rock elevating it to obscene heights, forever etching it in history.

10- The AWA World Heavyweight Championship Was A Grand Design

Years Active: 1960-1990

During the late '70s and especially in the early '80s, the AWA was essentially a breeding ground for future WWE megastars. The likes of Hulk Hogan, Jesse "The Body" Ventura, "Mean" Gene Okerlund, and many more top name talents all migrated from the AWA to WWE. Unfortunately, the AWA eventually succumbed to the lack of stars and the promotion closed in 1990, leaving behind an impressive legacy.

One very important piece of that legacy was their World Championship belt. It had a beautiful, big centerpiece with two plates on the side. It had the AWA initials on the front with the words "World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion" also etched there. Definitely a desirable championship belt.

9- The NWA World Television Championship Was One Of The Promotion's Very Best

Years Active: 2019-Present

The NWA has had some absolutely beautiful championship belts during its existence. Their World Television Championship has to be one of their best designs ever. There are a few different versions of this championship, but they're all essentially the same design with only minor changes. The centerpiece is a bit more elongated with a red banner surrounding the gold lettering.

The side plates stand out nicely with two out of the four displaying CBS and ABC logos respectively. The championship has sat on both red and black straps in the past and is still currently used by the NWA as an active title.

8- Classic WWE World Tag Team Championships Were Held By Some Of The Best

Years Active: 1985-2002

During the Golden Era, WWE had arguably the deepest tag team division in pro wrestling history. The likes of The British Bulldogs, The Hart Foundation, and Demolition all battled for supremacy during the era. Their motivation was capturing the coveted WWE World Tag Team Championship belts.

The center plate was a more rectangular shape with an elongated globe in the center. An eagle sat atop the globe with a beautiful design etched all across the main plate. The side plates were updated several times throughout the years, but that never took away from the beauty of the belt. WWE's current big coin tag titles don't live up to the history of many other designs from the company's past.

7- The WCW United States Championship Was One Of The Most Desired Titles In WCW

Years Active: 1991-2001

Much like the Intercontinental Championship in WWE, the United States Championship was the second most coveted prize in WCW. Legends like Sting, "Ravishing" Rick Rude, and Diamond Dallas Page have won and worn it proudly. The NWA's original United States Championship was also very impressive, but the updated WCW version was certainly an improvement.

The center plate was triple-stacked with an eagle in the center. Above the eagle sat an outline of the United States in U.S. flag colors. The side plates were beautifully etched with the WCW logo and a U.S. flag on each side. An absolutely stunning design. WWE has recently altered its United States Championship design, and it certainly harkens back to previous designs such as this to try and make it stand out.

6- IWGP Heavyweight Championship Version 4 Was The Best Of It's Designs

Years Active: 2008-2021

Japanese wrestling has a very rich history. New Japan Pro Wrestling's current IWGP World Heavyweight Championship belt pays homage to that history while simultaneously serving as the top prize in the promotion, though it hasn't been very warmly received since its inception. The championship had been represented by three belts prior.

The belt stands out with a big dual plated centerpiece, deep etching, and jewels throughout. The side plates are perhaps the biggest attention-grabber. Each individual plate bears the names of former IWGP World Heavyweight Champions, very similar to the Stanley Cup in the NHL.

5- NWA World Title Has Been Referred To As "The 10 Pounds Of Gold

Years Active: 1973-1986, 1994-Present

Up until 1985, the symbol of excellence in the NWA was a domed globe championship belt affectionately referred to as the "10 lbs of Gold." In its heyday, the championship was worn proudly by the likes of Dory Funk Jr., Harley Race, and "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. It had a rectangular center plate with a domed globe in the middle.

The side plates displayed the name and the flag of different countries to indicate the championship's international significance. It would be retired in 1985 by Ric Flair but has been brought back several times by multiple promotions. Currently, the championship belt is once again the top prize in the NWA, being held by the likes of Nick Aldis, Cody Rhodes, and Matt Cardona in recent years.

4- WWE Undisputed Championship Was A Merger Of Two Titles

Years Active: 2002-2005

When WCW closed its doors in 2001, the pro wrestling world was thrown into a state of flux. When WCW's roster was merged with WWE's, there were suddenly two men with a rightful claim to being World Champion. Both titles coexisted until being merged by Chris Jericho in December of 2001. Jericho carried both belts until being defeated by Triple H, who was then awarded a new championship belt.

The Undisputed Championship had more of a rectangular center plate with a black and gold globe and eagle in the center. It had five side plates with different designs etched in. The Undisputed Championship had a short shelf life but remains one of the more stunning belt designs ever, with memorable champions such as Brock Lesnar, JBL, and The Undertaker holding the title.

3- The 1980s WWE Intercontinental Championship Is Still The Best Design Of The Title

Years Active 1985-1997

For many years, the Intercontinental Championship was considered the "workhorse" championship in WWE. The man who held the belt was typically viewed as one of the best workers in the promotion at the time. As a result, the championship became one of the most coveted in the business, despite not being a world title.

The belt most performers envisioned holding one day had a rectangular center triple-stacked center plate with four side plates. The side plates were all the same size and included an etched WWE logo along with grappling designs. The center plate had a globe in the center with blue filled in. The WWE logo was both gold and red at different points in time. The title belt remains one of the more iconic designs ever. Though the belt has seen its fair share of up and down booking over recent times, it still sits fondly in the hearts of fans.

2- The Big Gold World Heavyweight Championship Has A Special Place In Fans' Hearts

Years Active: 1986-2001 (WCW), 2002-2014 (WWE)

When Ric Flair retired the 10 lbs of Gold, it was unclear if his successor would be able to fill its legendary shoes. Immediately upon its reveal, it became obvious that the new NWA World Championship would surpass its predecessor.

With two side plates and one big center plate, "Big Gold" lives up to its moniker by being exactly that, a big gold belt. The belt has jewels and gorgeous etching throughout all three plates. "Big Gold" had one of the longest tenures of any title. It's the only major World Championship belt to be defended on a WCW, ECW, and WWE pay-per-view.

1- The Winged Eagle WWE Championship Has A Timeless Design

Years Active: 1988-1998

For fans of a certain era, there will never be a championship belt more iconic than WWE's Winged Eagle. From Hulk Hogan to Bret Hart to Shawn Michaels, some of the greatest WWE performers ever have had the privilege of holding the belt. The belt had a circular center plate with a globe and an eagle in the center. The eagle's wings protruded a bit from the top of the center plate, giving the belt its iconic nickname.

The side plates were rectangular with the WWE logo and other designs etched in. The belt was retired in 1998 and replaced with a bigger updated version commonly referred to as the "Big Eagle." The updated version wasn't rejected by fans by any means, but it failed to reach the iconic status of the "Winged Eagle.